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Desobry Ganache Caramel

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veröffentlicht: 06.06.2013


Reaktion der Firma Desobry

Was Hersteller Desobry dazu sagt, dass die Packung Ganache Caramel reichlich Luft enthält.

„The disposal of the ganache caramel in the tray can easily be explained. All of our carton cases are the same size regarding length and width, the height may however vary. This is why the tray has this shape and measurements. As you can see, it is impossible, considering the length of the edges of our biscuits to put them one above the other which is why we decided to put them in staggered rows. As far as the number of biscuits is concerned, we had to respect the limit of 140 g which corresponds to twelve biscuits.

However, we are aware of the deceived feeling that comes with the discovery of that tray. We have been working on a new system that would on one hand, respect the measurements of the case and on the other hand have a better rendering…Up to today, we haven’t found one yet and in the meantime we are compelled to keep on using that tray. Rest assured that our teams are looking into this problem.”

Desobry SA

Wir meinen: Verpackungen, die mehr Inhalt suggerieren als tatsächlich vorhanden, sind schlicht und einfach Mogelpackungen. Desobry Ganache Caramel ist eine davon.


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